The Okra 1.0 toolbox is a high-speed database access library developed for use with the MATLAB environment.

MATLAB’s great strength is its use of vectors and arrays.  We followed that philosophy in Okra 1.0 and make it easy to load and save large amounts of vector data.  We achieved great success by programming directly to the ODBC layer internally and avoiding cell arrays whenever possible.  For example, a database read of 100K rows with 5 columns takes 10 minutes using MATLAB R12, but only 4.25 seconds using Okra 1.0.

Okra 1.0 also provides an intuitive and easy-to-use MATLAB object that hides the complexity of talking to the ActiveX component directly.

Okra is an ActiveX-compliant DLL library.  A user can either access the handle directly via the actxserver function in MATLAB, or use the @Okra MATLAB object which provides an easy-to-use interface layered on top of the MATLAB ActiveX interface routines.