Reading Files in NodeJS

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When I first needed to read some files in node I just assumed they would fit in memory.  A few 1000 lines is easy: const recordString = fs.readFileSync(filename, ‘utf8’);const recordStrings = recordString.split(“\n”); But then I needed to read in a … Continued

Cosmos DB

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I have been coding changes to a product so it will work with Cosmos DB as a “drop in” replacement for MongoDB via the MongoAPI.  Several thousand lines of “just for CosmosDB” later I would say that “drop in” is … Continued

Unlocked Phones and APNs

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Yesterday I bought an unlocked T-Mobile phone (LG V20. I like them big with replaceable batteries).  Aside from having to enter passwords and update 2 factor authentication for a half dozen sites the transition was trivially easy.  Log in to … Continued