Reading Files in NodeJS

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When I first needed to read some files in node I just assumed they would fit in memory.  A few 1000 lines is easy: const recordString = fs.readFileSync(filename, ‘utf8’);const recordStrings = recordString.split(“\n”); But then I needed to read in a … Continued

Docker and Windows

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There is more than enough written about Docker that I am not going to go into much detail about it.  Based on my limited experience I have mixed feelings about using Docker and especially so for Docker on Windows because…Windows. … Continued

Cosmos DB

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I have been coding changes to a product so it will work with Cosmos DB as a “drop in” replacement for MongoDB via the MongoAPI.  Several thousand lines of “just for CosmosDB” later I would say that “drop in” is … Continued

Unlocked Phones and APNs

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Yesterday I bought an unlocked T-Mobile phone (LG V20. I like them big with replaceable batteries).  Aside from having to enter passwords and update 2 factor authentication for a half dozen sites the transition was trivially easy.  Log in to … Continued

Helping Companies in the Cloud

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Last year New Leaf developed integration software to allow RedPoint Global to integrate their big data management software in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. RedPoint Global Delivers Data Management Support to Microsoft Azure HDInsight