Joshua W. Goldstein – President and CEO, New Leaf Software, LLC

Prior to founding New Leaf Software, LLC, Mr. Goldstein spent 4 decades as a private consultant and software development specialist. He was involved in the architecture and development of extremely complex systems for industries ranging from hardware processor design to real time stock market systems in the world’s leading financial markets. He taught classes in Object Oriented Design, Operating-System Architecture and Advanced IDL (Interactive Data Language). He is recognized for his innovative architectures in high availability systems throughout the late 90’s.

In 1990, he founded JoshCo Engineering as an independent consulting company specializing in client-server systems. He became well known for his ability to rapidly assess and resolve pre-existing development-related road blocks. His services have been secured for engagements in the United States, Europe and Asia. In 1999, JoshCo Engineering became New Leaf Software, LLC. Mr. Goldstein is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from The Cooper Union in New York City. He is a native of New York and now resides in Boulder, Colorado.