Unlocked Phones and APNs

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Yesterday I bought an unlocked T-Mobile phone (LG V20. I like them big with replaceable batteries).  Aside from having to enter passwords and update 2 factor authentication for a half dozen sites the transition was trivially easy.  Log in to Google. Setup your wifi and wait for all of your apps to download.  Only 2 problems, one minor and one major:

  • Widgets don’t transfer so you have to hunt them down again and I couldn’t find some of my favorites
  • No mobile data. Not a single byte.

After a Day in the Dataless Life I figured out that I couldn’t sent or receive pictures aka MMS was broken (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multimedia_Messaging_Service) so I gave up and went to AT&T.  They “helped” and while they were incompetently “helping” I searched Google for the fate of others who had similar issues and determined there was a Magick Setting:  The APN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_Point_Name).  I found my old phone.  I pulled the old magic values and copied them to my new phone and voila.  MMS worked!

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